The Mueller Neighborhood Association (MNA) accepts grant applications on an ongoing basis for neighborhood events. The Steering Committee allocates funds each fiscal year to distribute as grants for various events and activities of our neighbors. 

Past recipients include the Michael Adams Bike to Work station, the Stitch and B*tch Charity Projects, Mueller Community Singers, and the Boomer Chili Cookoff.

The Steering Committee meets once a month and will consider applications submitted two weeks before each meeting.

In addition, please note that a photograph of the event is required to be submitted after the event for the Front Porch Flyer to share with the neighborhood. 

Mueller Neighborhood Association Grant Policy

To apply for a grant of up to $150, please submit the application found to the right TWO WEEKS before your event. The applicant must be a current member of the MNA. The MNA SC meets once a month, applications will be considered at the meeting.

Grant Requirements


Everyone within Mueller must be invited to the event. This requirement may be satisfied by posting an invite on Facebook and Nextdoor at least one week prior to the event/activity.


The event name should avoid the perception of being exclusive by minimizing the importance of street names, group names or other names which could cause one to mistakenly believe that an event is exclusive.


Pot-Luck-Orama hosted by Simond Ave.
Mueller Chili Cook Off brought to you by Mueller Boomers
Mueller Street Party hosted by Tillery St.


Simond Ave Pot Luck

Mueller Boomer Chili Cook Off

Tillery Block Party


A photograph of the event is required (to be submitted after the event), the photograph may be used in the Front Porch Flyer, on the MNA website or in other Mueller specific social media sites to share with the neighborhood.


If the MNA so chooses they will be allowed to set up a table for MNA membership recruitment or any other MNA related activities.


Grants may not be used to purchase alcohol. Grants should generally be used for consumables and/or services. Receipts must be submitted after the event to ensure appropriate usage of funds. Any unused portion of the grant should be returned to the MNA.

The SC has the sole discretion to change the criteria in the interest of good stewardship of funds entrusted to us by the community.