About Us

The Mueller Neighborhood Association (MNA) is a non-profit, non-partisan, grassroots organization with a focus on building community. We do this through education, conversation, and gathering at monthly meetings and annual events, including the Spring Fling,  the 4th of July Parade & Festival, and Fall Fest.

The MNA Steering Committee (MNA SC) consists of residents who are annually elected to help their fellow members and to represent the neighborhood to outside entities, such as the Austin Neighborhood Council, Travis County, the City of Austin, etc. 

In addition, the MNA SC is tasked to pursue the 6 principles  (please see below) on which the neighborhood was founded.

Mueller Tenets

In establishing the Mueller development, the Austin City Council set six principles of the community:

Fiscal Responsibility

Redevelopment must create a positive revenue stream that will fund on-site infrastructure and increase the City's tax base for the benefit of all citizens.

Economic Development

The project should serve to reinforce Austin's role in an increasingly global marketplace and create a wide range of employment opportunities for a diversity of the community's citizens.

East Austin Revitalization

The project must promote economic development opportunities within East Austin, giving local residents a direct stake in redevelopment.

Compatibility with Surrounding Neighborhoods

Development must maintain and enhance the quality of life in adjacent neighborhoods, providing complementary linkages, land uses and transportation patterns.


Redevelopment must offer a wide range of housing choices in order to create a new community of socially and economically diverse residents.


Development should be planned in a way that promotes energy and water efficiency, resource protection, reduced auto dependency, watershed protection and green space preservation.

Statement of Diversity and Inclusion

Building a Diverse and Inclusive Community

The Mueller Neighborhood Association (MNA) strives for diversity and inclusion for all members of our community -- residents and visitors alike. We will foster a community that respects the unique attributes and perspectives that make each of us who we are. The MNA is committed to building and maintaining an intentionally welcoming, affirming, and safe neighborhood for everyone -- especially those who have previously been denied opportunities to fully participate in our community -- including people of any age, ethnicity, education level, gender, gender identity, homeownership status, immigration status, language, nationality, parental status, physical, mental and developmental abilities, political affiliation, race, religion, sexual orientation, shape or size, skin color, and socioeconomic status. By valuing our diversity and developing a purposefully inclusive environment, Mueller can achieve a higher level of connectedness while preserving the best that each of us has to offer.

2024 Steering Committee