There is often confusion about the roles and responsibilities of the MNA vs the POA. These two organizations are described below.

Mueller Neighborhood Association (MNA)

The Mueller Neighborhood Association (MNA) is a non-profit, non-partisan, grassroots organization with a focus on building community. We do this through education, conversation, and gathering at monthly meetings and annual events, including the Egg Scramble, the 4th of July Parade & Festival, and Fall Fest.

The MNA Steering Committee (MNA SC) consists of residents who are annually elected to help their fellow members and to represent the neighborhood to outside entities, such as the Austin Neighborhood Council, Travis County, the City of Austin, etc. In addition, the MNA SC is tasked to pursue the 6 principles on which the neighborhood was founded.

For more information about the MNA, go to the MNA Home Page.

Mueller Property Associations

The Mueller Property Associations, also known as the POA, HOA or Mueller Community Associations are the same thing. As a resident at Mueller you belong to at least two Associations, the Mueller Master Community Association and the Mueller Mixed Use Association. This is why you often see an (s) when we are discussing the Mueller Community Associations. Membership in the Associations is mandatory. When you buy a lot or unit in the Community, you have entered into a contract and obligated yourself to membership in the Associations and to following and obeying all rules and regulations and other conditions and restrictions contained in the Governing Documents.

The POA is composed of Mueller residents and business tenants and Catellus, the Mueller master developer. Associa is the management company contracted by the POA, whose responsibility it is to maintain the parks, pools, and other public areas of Mueller, as well as enforce the restrictive covenants that apply to all property owners. The Senior Community Manager responsible for Mueller, and her office is located in the Mueller Central Building. You can reach them by phone at (512) 703-9203, or using the message board at muelleraustinonline.

For more information about the POA and related associations, go to the POA Home Page.